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A Small Dark Quiet

Sunday 10th November


Hailed as a “Great Jewish Book” by Jewish Book Week, Gold’s second novel is a story of loss, migration and the search for belonging. Set in London in 1945, ​A Small Dark Quiet ​is “challenging and beautifully written”, a story of unresolved grief and intangible loss, exploring how trauma, both preverbal and intergenerational, collapses the boundaries between past and present.
“A bold attempt to portray the greyness of growing up without roots or identity, cast adrift in an uncomprehending and uncertain world.” Caroline Moorhead, Times Literary Supplement.
Miranda’s first novel, ​Starlings​, published by Karnac in December 2016, reaches back through three generations to explore how the impact of untold stories about the Holocaust ricochets down the years. In The Tablet, Sue Gaisford described Starlings as “a strange, sad, original and rather brilliant first novel, illumined with flashes of glorious writing and profound insight.”


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Miranda Gold