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Celia Anderson- Making Memories

Friday 8th November


Following this summer’s publication of 59 Memory Lane, set in the fictitious Cornish seaside village of Pengelly, Celia Anderson explains how an unexpected cache of old family letters inspired her to write a novel based on the way our memories impact on our lives. May Rosevere, the 110 year old unconventional heroine of the story, yearns to reach what she sees as  the magical age of 111. She has lived so long due to her gift of what she calls ‘memory harvesting’, which is in reality stealing her neighbours' memories. When May realises the effect this theft is having on a woman who has recently become a good friend, she has to make some serious decisions about whether to carry on with her quest. This is a story of both young and old love, dark family secrets and a village where loneliness and friendship rub shoulders with growing success.

Celia explores the highs and lows of being a late-blossoming writer, and what it’s like to have written a ‘Marmite’ book that reviewers seem to either passionately love or fiercely hate. To what extent should an author listen to the doubters?



Mint Methodist Church

Celia Anderson