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Re-Wilding – is it the Future for Britain?

Sunday 10th November


We’re used to hearing that our much-loved countryside is ‘under threat’ – and so it is, from pollution, soil erosion, concrete and climate change. But that same countryside we know and love – those tidy hedges and bright green fields, even the ‘wilderness’ of Dartmoor - is  the product of millennia of management, to the point where there is barely a truly ‘natural’ acre left in the land.
Now some are arguing that the only long-term solution to those threats is to help nature take its course – to rewild the land. But doing so means turning centuries of conventional wisdom about countryside management on its head. So is this just a wonderfully romantic pipedream, doomed to fail in the face of our urgent need to put food on the table? Or can rewilding, as its advocates claim, restore the land to health, bring threatened species back from the brink – and ensure a long term (if radically different) future for our farms?
And does even Dartmoor need rewilding?
Join us in conversation with Isabella Tree, the woman behind the UK’s most famous example of rewilding in practice, at Knepp in Sussex, and local ecologist Dan Eatherley.

This event is generously supported by The Royal Albert Memorial Museum


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Dan Eatherly

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