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The When and Where of Storytelling

Saturday 9th November


Why does setting matter?

Anne Allen, author of The Guernsey Novels series and Terri Nixon, author of The Oaklands Manor Trilogy and the Penhaligon Saga, will lead a lively, question-led conversation session about the significance and importance of time and setting in fiction.

The Guernsey Novels number seven books to date and are a mix of family drama, mystery, romance and historical. Each story is standalone but the books are linked by characters and place and although primarily set in the present, also cover WWII and the Victorian era.

The Oaklands Manor Trilogy is a First World War drama set in Belgium, Cheshire and Devon. The Penhaligon Saga is set in a Cornish fishing and mining community; industries that face constant danger, and rapid change at the turn of the twentieth century.

Among the topics Anne and Terri will discuss are: the origins of their interest in writing in their particular setting and era; research, how much is necessary or how little to include; and characters, and how they’re shaped by their environment. They will encourage questions from readers and writers in the audience.


Exeter Custom House


Anne Allen

Terri Nixon