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Writing your Memoir

Saturday 9th November


Your Life, Your Story: Discovering and writing up your memories

Everyone has a rich store of memories which can be woven into life stories and other kinds of memoir. How do you retrieve these memories and write them up? How do you assess their truth, and unlock their value? Memory is a rich resource but can also be slippery to grasp. This talk will reveal some of the ways you can take hold of this golden thread, discover memories, and set them into your chosen framework. It can be done with great benefit at any age, as autobiography, although for many the purpose will be to create a legacy for children and grandchildren. Doing so can be richly satisfying and contribute towards personal wellbeing. Cherry Gilchrist is an established writer in areas of personal development, social history and wisdom traditions. She has taught Life Writing in contexts ranging from hospice to cruise ships, and as a tutor of creative writing for the Universities of Exeter and Oxford. This talk is given in tandem with the publication of a new edition of Cherry Gilchrist’s Your Life, Your Story: Writing your Life Story for Family and Friends (Endeavour Media)



Exeter Custom House


Cherry Gilchrist