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The Song of Songs: A dialogue reading.

Thursday 7th November


The Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon, is a very unusual book of the Hebrew and Christian bible.  For a start, it does not mention God, even once.  But, more obviously, it takes the form of dialogue between lovers, celebrating their mutual love.  Some of its phrases and similes have passed into the common stock of the English language, e.g. “The voice of the turtle-dove is heard in the land” or “Love is as strong as death”; others are strange to modern ears, e.g. “Your hair is like a flock of goats”.  In this reading, we will use the voices of several couples to read it as dialogue and express its dramatic and romantic language.  Many commentators have sought to interpret the Song as a religious allegory; but whether you want to do that, or simply to enjoy it as one of the world’s most remarkable pieces of love poetry, we invite you to come and listen.

Mint Methodist
Image by Jonathan Thorne